B.E.Computer Science & Engineering

          The Department of Computer Science & Engineering as well as Information Technology founded in 2008 has all their computer centers equipped with state-of -the- art technology in terms of computer systems, networks, and peripherals, proudly keeping pace with international standards. Conference, Symposium, and Faculty Development  programmes happen on a regular basis and these deeply enrich the human resource base, so vital for knowledge acquisition in this extremely dynamic discipline.Highly qualified and experienced faculty with specialization in Networking, Algorithms, Data Mining, Image Processing, Software Engineering, Natural language processing, Computer graphics, Web Technology, Embedded systems, Evolutionary computing, Network security, Wireless sensor networks, etc.

         Department has well equipped laboratories and laboratory facilities are available to the students round the clock. Department also offer many value added educational programs to the students including industry Certification.Students are given proper exposure to current trends including network management and administration, bio-informatics, extreme programming, software architecture, sensor networks, grid computing, soft computing etc. through workshops, guest lectures, seminars by industry experts, professionals etc. Alumni from the department are placed in all the top IT company.