B.E-Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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Welcome to The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical & Electronics was established in 2008, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The faculty, characterized by their qualifications and experience, has been instrumental in the department’s rapid success. The focus is on holistic development, providing an enriching academic environment, and ensuring the necessary infrastructure for academic and research activities.

Academic Programs:
  1. Undergraduate Program: The department offers a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (B.E. EEE).
  2. Postgraduate Program: A Master of Engineering in Power Systems Engineering (M.E. PSE) is also available.
  3. Research Center: Recognized as a research center, the department offers a Ph.D. program.
Faculty and Staff Development:

The department emphasizes the overall development of both students and faculty. The dedicated and experienced faculty, along with laboratory staff, contribute significantly to academic and research pursuits.

Student Engagement:
  1. In-Plant Training: Students undergo practical training in various industries to gain insights into the contemporary work environment.
  2. Project Work: Final-year students engage in project work, further enhancing their practical skills.
  3. Professional Memberships: Students actively participate in professional bodies like IEEE and ISTE, fostering co-curricular activities.
Placement Success:

The department takes pride in its campus selection program, leading to many students securing positions in leading companies.

Enrollment Growth:

The undergraduate enrollment in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering branch has experienced a notable surge. Enhanced management support aligns with dynamic changes, reshaping the department’s objectives in education and training.

Mission and Vision:

The mission is to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing discipline by blending basic concepts and technological advances into the curriculum. The aim is to produce skilled and scientifically oriented manpower to address industry needs.

The Department of Electrical & Electronics is committed to providing excellence in technological knowledge, multidisciplinary engineering background, and a supportive environment for students to achieve their career goals. The combination of academic programs, faculty expertise, and industry engagement positions the department as a hub for quality education and research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.