B.E-Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The department of Electrical & Electronics established in the year 2008 with the undergraduate programme and it has well qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty who have been the driving force behind the rapid success of this department. The department lays stress on all round development of the students as well as faculty and laboratory staff by providing them conducive academic environment and necessary infrastructure for carrying out academic and research work.

The department offers B.E( Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering) , M.E( Master of Engineering in Power Systems Engineering). It is recognized as a research center to offer Ph.D programme

Students undergo in plant Training & final year students carry out project work in various industries which enlighten them on the work environment in today’s world. Student’s memberships in various professional bodies like IEEE and ISTE help to enhance their co-curricular activities. It makes us proud that many of the students from this department have been placed in leading companies through our Campus selection program.

We have experienced a surge in undergraduate enrollment in EEE branch. Together with increased management support, these dynamic and positive changes are reshaping the Department’s objectives in education and training, giving our students not only the excellence in technological knowledge and applications, but in a multidisciplinary engineering background for the career directions that our students have planned.

Our mission is in order to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing discipline and meet the need for skilled and scientifically oriented manpower; we blend the basic concepts and advances in technology into our students.