B.E-Mechanical Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Surya Engineering College. We started our journey in the year of 2009. In the past five years, we have grown our expertise and competence in the core Mechanical Engineering. The department offers an undergraduate programme B.E. Mechanical Engineering with sanctioned intake of 90 students.

The primary focus of our department is to impart technical know-how to students, promote their problem solving skills and innovation of new technologies. Department offers large number of optional courses for providing wide spectrum of options to the students to pursue their interest. The course contents are periodically updated for introducing new scientific and technological developments. Undergraduate students are encouraged to undertake various research projects. Our department maintains active research groups for carrying out collaborative research with famous core industries and interdisciplinary research. We have state of the art laboratory facilities to support our academic programs and research.

Our department has a distinguished record in both teaching and research. Faculty members have excellent academic credentials and are highly regarded. They have been conferred with many prestigious awards at national levels. Some of our faculty members serve on the editorial boards of national and international journals, review technical articles for journals on a regular basis, and organize international symposia and conferences. This website provides an overview of the academic programs, laboratory facilities, research activities of our department, profiles of faculty members, and details of student activities. Our department looks forward to contribute in solving the technological challenges of the society with active participation from all sections of the society. Thank you for visiting us.



Mechanical Engineering addresses the analysis and development of technological systems involving motions and allows people to harness the energy and forces that exist in nature to provide for the needs of society. Mechanical Engineers are responsible for the conception, design, manufacture, control, maintenance and management of such systems. Mechanical systems may comprise mechanisms or machines made up of moving components or involve fluid flow within or around solid structures to impart forces or energy interactions. These could range from micro-mechanical devices to massive power generating turbines. From a jet aircraft to an air conditioning plant, from tunneling machines to body-scanners and from a technical consultancy to financial services, mechanical engineers deal with the design and production of machines, systems and structures that are taken for granted in the modern world.The range and diversity of career choice for Mechanical Engineers is consequently tremendous.


Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

  • Venturimeter Test
  • Orificemeter Test
  • Pipe Friction Apparatus
  • Rotameter Test
  • Cenrtifugal Pump Test Rig
  • Reciprocating Pump Test Rig
  • Gear oil Pump Test Rig
  • Submersible Pump Test Rig
  • Francis Turbine Test Rig
  • Pelton Wheel Test Rig

Metrology Laboratory

  • Auto collimator
  • Sine bar with 38 piece slip gauge
  • Bevel protractor
  • Vernier height gauge
  • Vernier caliper
  • Surface plate without stand
  • Tool maker microscope
  • Screw micrometer
  • Gear Tooth Vernier caliper
  • Profile projectors
  • Vernier depth gauges
  • Temperature measuring setup
  • Displacement measuring setup
  • Force measuring setup
  • Torque measuring setup
  • Floating carriage micrometer

Dynamics of Machinery Laboratory

  • Turn Table Apparatus
  • Governor Apparatus
  • Cam Analysis
  • Whirling Shaft
  • Spring mass vibration system
  • Gear Models
  • Gyroscope
  • Kinematic models to study various mechanisms
  • Transverse Vibration setup of cantilever
  • Two rotor vibration setup

Thermal Engineering Laboratory – I

  • 4 – Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine With Electrical Loading
  • 4 – Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine With Mechanical loading
  • 2– Stroke Petrol Engine Cut Section
  • 4 – Stroke Diesel Engine Cut Section
  • Redwood Viscometer
  • Data acquisition system with any one of the above engines
  • Single Cylinder Petrol Engine•
  • Twin Cylinder Air Compressor
  • LPG Refrigeration Test RigLagged pipe Apparatus
  • Pin Fin Apparatus
  • Parallel & Counter Flow Heat Exchanger
  • Stephen Boltzmann Apparatus
  • Composite wall apparatus
  • Conductive Heat Transfer (Guarded Hot Plate)
  • Forced & Natural Convection Apparatus
  • Emissivity Apparatus

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

  • Shaping Machine
  • Horizontal Milling Machine
  • Drilling Machine
  • Turret Lathe
  • Radial Drilling Machine
  • Surface Grinding Machine
  • Capstan Lathe
  • Vertical Milling Machine
  • Moulding Table & Equipment’s
  • Sheet metal forming tools and equipment’s
  • Cylindrical Grinding Machine
  • Lathe tool Dynamometer
  • Tool Makers Microscope
  • CNC Lathe
  • CNC Milling Machine
  • Tool and Cutter Grinder
  • Milling Tool Dynamometer

CAD/CAM Laboratory

  • Computers with necessary accessories
  • Assembly drawings using any 2D/3D CAD software
  • CNC Lathe Machine
  • CNC Milling Machine

Strength of Materials Laboratory

  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Rockwell Testing Machine
  • Brinell Testing Machine
  • Impact Testing Machine
  • Spring Testing Machine
  • Torsion Testing Machine
  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • Muffle Furnace

Engineering Practices Laboratory

  • Assorted Components for Plumbing, Metallic, Flexible& Plastic Pipes, Couplings etc
  • Carpentary Vice
  • Standard Woodworking Tools
  • Models of industrial Trusses door joints furniture joints
  • Power Tools
  • Arc Welding Transformer with cables and holders
  • Welding Booth with exhaust Facility
  • Welding accessories like Welding Shield, Chipping Hammer, Wire Brush etc..
  • Centre Lathe
  • Hearth Furnace, anvil and smithy tools Arc Welding Transformer with cables and holders
  • Power Tool-Angle Grinder

Mechatronics Laboratory

  • Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit with manualand electrical controls/ PLC Control each
  • Basic Hydraulic Trainer Kit
  • 8051 - Microcontroller kit with steppermotor and drive circuit sets