Best Practices 1

Planting for a Greener Tomorrow

Objectives of the Practice:

The main objective of tree plantation is to aware students, regarding the environment

• To raise the level of the student thinking regarding Tree plantation work.
• To create interest among the students regarding the values of trees & plants.
• To inculcate the program of plantation can change the climate and during fresher’s day as well as farewell day every year students are asking to receive and plant free saplings to produce oxygen.

The Context

Tree plantation is crucial for forestry, maintaining ecological balance and covering a significant portion of Earth’s surface. However, rapid deforestation and settlements have reduced forest cover. Our contribution to reforestation can help recover from deforestation and increase tree plantation pace. Trees provide oxygen, carbon dioxide filtering, soil erosion prevention, food, shelter and other essentials.

The Practice

It is the important duty of students to plant more and more trees, herbs and climbers because these are the carriers of rain and cloud. Only the nature has capacity to turn up the balance of nature to produce more and more oxygen, but it is only possible when our surroundings are full of trees and plants. This type of tree plantation programme is only possible when our new generation become more & more sincere and active towards Tree plantation programme. This tree plantation makes the points of success, it is sure and certain that our nature will be in balance and the life of the people can be happy & prosperous. So, we should plant more & more trees and protect them for the future of new generation.

Evidence of Success

Promoting environmental awareness and encouraging students to actively participate in planting for a greener tomorrow is a commendable initiative. Our institution organizes tree-planting events on the school campus or in nearby areas. The institution collaborates with local environmental organizations or government agencies for support and guidance. The institution assigns a specific place for each class or group of students to take responsibility for. It establishes a greenhouse or indoor garden within the school premises. Planting for a Greener Tomorrow has encouraged students to take care of potted plants in classrooms or common areas. It can also be a great way to teach about different plant species and their care requirements.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

It’s great to hear that the experienced faculties were able to convince some students to participate in the plantation work despite the broken tree branches and initial hesitation. It’s heartening to see the senior students taking the initiative to encourage their juniors to join in and promote environmental awareness through NSS activities. Planting more trees is always a positive step towards preserving our natural surroundings.