B.E-Mechanical Engineering

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Welcome to Mechanical Engineering

About Us:
The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Surya Engineering College offers a comprehensive undergraduate program, B.E. Mechanical Engineering, with an intake of 90 students. Mechanical Engineering involves the analysis and development of technological systems that harness natural forces and energies to meet societal needs. Mechanical Engineers play a crucial role in conceiving, designing, manufacturing, controlling, maintaining, and managing various systems, ranging from micro-mechanical devices to massive power generating turbines, jet aircraft, air conditioning plants, tunneling machines, body-scanners, and more. Our department, established in 2009, has witnessed significant growth in expertise and competence over the past five years, focusing on core Mechanical Engineering. The primary objective is to impart technical knowledge, foster problem-solving skills, and encourage innovation in new technologies among students. The department offers a variety of optional courses to provide students with a broad spectrum of options based on their interests. Course contents are regularly updated to incorporate new scientific and technological developments.


“To be a leading hub of innovation and excellence in Mechanical Engineering, producing visionary engineers who drive technological advancements and contribute significantly to global progress.”



  • “Empower students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills in Mechanical Engineering through a dynamic curriculum and experiential learning.”
  • “Foster a culture of creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving to address real-world challenges.”
  • “Promote research and collaboration with industries to push the boundaries of technological innovation.”
  • “Equip graduates with ethical values, leadership qualities, and a global perspective, making them valuable contributors to society.”
  • “Continuously update and enhance educational offerings to align with the evolving needs of the engineering profession.”
  • “Cultivate a supportive and inclusive learning environment that nurtures the holistic development of students.”
Academic Programs:
  1. Undergraduate Program: The department offers a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (B.E. Mechanical Engineering).
  2. Research Center: Recognized as a research center, the department offers a Ph.D. program.

Research Activities

We actively promote research projects among undergraduate students and maintain research groups for collaborative efforts with renowned core industries and interdisciplinary research. State-of-the-art laboratory facilities support academic programs and research initiatives. Our faculty members, with excellent academic credentials and national recognition, have received prestigious awards. Some faculty members serve on editorial boards of national and international journals, regularly review technical articles, and organize international symposia and conferences. This website serves as a resource for an overview of academic programs, laboratory facilities, research activities, faculty profiles, and student engagements within our department. We are committed to contributing to solving technological challenges in society, and we invite active participation from all sections of the community. Thank you for visiting us.