Science and Humanities

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This Department, the vertebrae of the entire engineering education process exists right from the inception of the college (2008) and is efficiently supporting the engineering Departments by providing high quality of training in basic sciences, headed by the most experienced and highly qualified professor, this Department has English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry under its awning.

The term Engineering is defined as “the application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends such as the design, manufacture, and operation of efficient and economical structures, machines, processes, and systems”. Hence understandings of the basic scientific and mathematical concepts are of paramount importance for an engineering graduate. Further, students need clarity in expression to put forth their innovative ideas. They should always have an eye for economically viable engineering solutions. The department of Science and Humanities plays a pivotal role in fostering the fundamental principles and understanding of science among the students. It aims to improve students’ communication skills in English and to inculcate human values and knowledge on economics. The faculty imparts proper guidance and motivation for the students from the first day of their joining the College.

Almost all the staff members in this Department are well experienced and working in this reputed institution for many years.



“To advance scientific knowledge and foster a world where curiosity, innovation, and evidence-based exploration propel humanity towards a sustainable and enlightened future.”

“We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific understanding through rigorous research, education, and collaboration. Our mission is to cultivate a global community of thinkers and explorers committed to uncovering the mysteries of the natural world, driving technological advancements, and addressing pressing challenges for the betterment of society.”



“To cultivate a world where the richness of human experience, expressed through language, culture, history, and philosophy, fosters empathy, critical thinking, and a shared understanding of our diverse and interconnected global community.”


“We are committed to exploring, preserving, and disseminating the wealth of human thought and expression. Through interdisciplinary inquiry, education, and artistic endeavours, our mission is to illuminate the human condition, inspire creativity, and bridge cultural divides, fostering a society grounded in wisdom, compassion, and the pursuit of shared values.”

These statements aim to capture the essence of each discipline, emphasizing their unique contributions and broader societal impact. Feel free to modify them based on the specific goals and values of your institution or organization. 

The Department of Mathematics was started in 2008 catering to the needs of Engineering Departments. Over the years since the inception of the College, the Department has grown in tune with the demands of the Institution and improved its strength. As of today, Department of Mathematics is one of the servicing departments which impart sound knowledge in Mathematics.

Every branch of Engineering is based on the application of mathematics to the physical world to describe the transfer of heat, energy, mass and momentum. Mathematics details the impact of stress, strain, erosive chemicals and heat on systems. Mathematics is used in risk management, cost estimation, life span calculations, scale up and downsizing. The department continues its commitment of providing a firm understanding of the underlying mathematical principles in the field of engineering, so as to develop a “Comfort zone” not only for Mathematics but also for its applications involved.


 The Department of Chemistry with all its amenities and good infrastructure caters to the basic foundation course of B. E and B.Tech students. And the Department has highly qualified and dedicated faculty members with specialization in various fields of chemistry with rich experience.


As a recognized Department of Anna University, the Department has a well-established laboratory which can accommodate seventy students at a time. A good number of sophisticated instruments form a part of the chemistry laboratory. The Laboratory also provides the equipments and instrumental facilities to carry out the research in various disciplines of Chemistry.
Apart from the experiments included in the curriculum of the university, the lab is equipped to perform the theory-related experiments to strengthen their knowledge. The chemistry laboratory supports students and research scholars of SEC to carry out their projects and research activities with the facilities available.


 The Department of Physics was started in 2008 catering to the needs of Engineering Departments and has grown in tune with the demands of the Institution and improved its strength. To enrich their knowledge, faculties are motivated to attend Seminars, Conferences, and Faculty Development Programmes and publish their research findings.


The Department has a well-established laboratory to accommodate sixty students at a time. The faculty members of the Department visit various national laboratories frequently to update and enhance their knowledge to serve the social and student community. Laboratory equipments are available to meet the need for the curriculum framed by Anna University. In this direction a lab manual is published through Pearson & co. Apart from the experiments included in the curriculum of the university.


The goal of the Department is to develop world-class leaders for tomorrow’s business environment. Apart from the teaching of Technical English I and II in the first year and Communications Skills Laboratory in the third year to B.E. / B.Tech students as per the curriculum of Anna University of Technology, Chennai, the Department plays a vital role in the all-round development of the students who belong to varied castes, creeds and financial backgrounds. It strives to produce graduates of international repute by imparting communication skills, soft skills and interpersonal skills as well.

The Department stands focused to its Ideals in imparting knowledge and preparing the students towards achieving academic excellence through the acquisition of core competence in language skills in relation to its application & relevance for engineering professionals, and also in giving students practice for developing the four basic skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.


Established in 2008, the Language Laboratory of the Department of English has several self-learning packages (Hi class SW ( Multimedia Educational Network system), Manage stress, Manage time, Cambridge Advanced Dictionary, English Pronunciation Dictionary, Issues in English, Globarena English Lab & Career Lab, Globarena software ( Multimedia Educational Network system), Mindscape, I year and III year( material prepared by staff) ) to hone the communication skills of the learners entrusted to our care. A full-fledged computer-based laboratory, it now has a capacity to accommodate 30 learners at a time.

The internet facility made available enables the students to utilize the resources on the innumerable language-learning websites which in turn widen their knowledge and expand their potential, thus developing their listening, reading and presentation skills, and enlightening their awareness of group discussions required for the Communication Skills Laboratory examination, and the interview skills thereafter.