Gender Equality Cell

A Gender Equality Cell (GEC) in a college is a dedicated unit or committee focused on promoting gender equality, eliminating discrimination, and creating a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the college community. Here’s an overview of its functions and activities:

Policy Development:

The GEC assists in developing and implementing gender equality policies and guidelines within the college. This includes policies related to recruitment, admissions, curriculum development, sexual harassment prevention, and equal opportunities for all genders.

Gender Sensitization Workshops:

It conducts workshops, training sessions, and awareness programs to promote gender sensitivity and raise awareness about gender-based discrimination, stereotypes, and biases. These sessions aim to foster a culture of respect, empathy, and inclusivity among students, faculty, and staff.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment:

 The GEC works towards preventing and addressing sexual harassment and gender-based violence on campus. It ensures compliance with legal requirements related to sexual harassment prevention, provides support to survivors, and facilitates grievance redressal mechanisms.

Support Services:

The GEC provides support services and resources to students, faculty, and staff who have experienced gender-based discrimination, harassment, or violence. This may include counseling services, legal aid, medical assistance, and referral to appropriate support organizations.

Gender-Neutral Facilities:

It advocates for and ensures the availability of gender-neutral facilities on campus, including restrooms, hostels, and recreational spaces, to accommodate the diverse needs of students and promote inclusivity.