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Library Membership:

Research Scholars, teachers, staff, and students of Surya Engineering College are all eligible to become members.

Library Working Hours:

Monday to Saturday : 9.00A.M to 5.00P.M

Rules and Regulations:

  • The library is an area where silence is necessary.
  • Members are responsible for whatever damage they may have caused to the books or other assets of the college. If that’s the case, they’ll have to replace the damaged book or other items.
  • Cell phone is not allowed in within the Library.
  • There will be severe disciplinary punishment for misbehavior in the library.
  • Except for a small note book or loose sheets of paper, personal books, folders, hardbound materials, and other things are not permitted within the library. Members are required to leave their personal items at the deposit counter located close to the entrance.
  • Every member should wear their ID card.
  • Lost books can be replaced by the user with new edition if the same edition not available with overdue fine.


Teaching Staff1030
Non - Teaching Staff230

Renewal of Books : 2times