Sexual Harassment Cell

A Sexual Harassment Cell (SHC), also known as a Gender Sensitization Committee Against Sexual Harassment (GSCASH) or similar titles, is a crucial entity within a college campus dedicated to addressing and preventing incidents of sexual harassment. Here’s an overview of its functions and activities:


Our goal is to create a secure atmosphere at Surya Engineering College where women are safeguarded from sexual harassment. This includes establishing a mechanism for addressing complaints of sexual harassment and promoting gender equality within the institution.


1. To ensure a secure working environment.
2. The objective pursued is to design a policy that specifically addresses sexual harassment concerns of female members within the academic community of the Surya Engineering College.
3. Ensure policy compliance through proper complaint reporting and follow-up.
4. Surya Engineering College is dedicated to maintaining a gender-neutral atmosphere by fulfilling its pledge to deter any form of gender discrimination.
5. Surya Engineering College is dedicated to maintaining a gender-neutral atmosphere by fulfilling its pledge to deter any form of gender discrimination.
6. To create a conducive social and psychological atmosphere that enhances knowledge and understanding on sexual harassment, which occurs in different ways.
7. To establish a permanent mechanism that can prevent and address instances of sexual harassment and other types of gender-based violence occurring at Surya Engineering College. .

Definition of Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment comprises actions that either directly or indirectly results in mistreatment of an individual.
1. Inappropriate physical contact,
2. Looking at someone intensely or in an uncomfortable way,
3. Inappropriate remarks or humour of a suggestive nature,
4. Inquiries that invade a person’s personal life or physical being are considered intrusive,
5. Verbal abuses or discriminatory remarks that hinge on an individual’s gender,
6. Physical contact of a sexual nature that involves explicit actions,
7. Any form of communication that includes sexually explicit content, such as emails or text messages .

Activities of Anti – Sexual Harassment Cell:

1. In order to ensure effective execution of the policy, it is important to devise a comprehensive plan of action that covers both short-term and long-term goals, encompassing all necessary details.
2. The expeditious resolution of concerns raised by students and personnel is of paramount importance.
3. It is extremely important to promptly address any issues or grievances brought up by students and staff.
4. In order to ensure alignment with the current operations of the organization, it is necessary to periodically revise the policies governing the Cell.
5. The aim is to promote understanding and knowledge regarding sexual harassment within a workplace setting.
6. To tell students that they should not be afraid to speak up if there is a problem or emergency.
7. To demonstrate the operation of the cell in a conveniently accessible manner .

Preventive Measures:

It takes proactive measures to prevent sexual harassment by promoting a culture of respect, consent, and gender equality within the college community. This may include organizing awareness campaigns, bystander intervention programs, and promoting healthy relationships.